Making the sport professional

I’ve been practicing Functional Fitness since 2005. A friend of mine mentioned that there existed a web page that posted crazy workouts every day that would crush you. I started to do the WOD polluting every globo gym in Stockholm. I was part of building the anti-CF sphere leaving a treadmill on at 18km/h when I […]

Keeping it simple

I turn 40 in October. All I think about is next years season. My program is In week 7 out of 48 heading towards the 2018 season. Things are moving pretty well. On par with my prescribed weights and overall performance. The program me and Ian have designed is extremely simple. Five weeks of strength […]


I’ve been thinking about the relationship between the coach and athlete very much lately. The Open season is for some the end and the beginning for something new and a time for contemplation. When I coached Malin Tittonen through 17.3 and she PRd her snatch after some queuing I got a sense of epiphany. It […]

Road to the games finally starts

Open 2017 is over. This marks a year with Ian Houghton as coach. Ian signed up for two years coaching me towards getting in shape for Open 2018 and the masters 40-44 competition. One year ago I could barely walk. Now I run. I can squat without sleeping on pain killers. Time to start practicing […]

Running out of pain

Status: Tired but feeling good. I think we are in week 10 with no or low hip pain now. So I thought we need to test what I am able to do now. Yesterday was a great tester of my lower body status and I am happy that I slept good and felt no pain […]

Day one at Roslagen Open – thoughts

  Yesterday we arrived at Roslagen open. Went through the check-in in like zero seconds still we hung around for an hour. Angelica as always got stuck waiting for me chatting and being friendly with the organizers. Went to the hotel and I snuck out for a mcdonalds burger. In 10mins from when I left I […]

3D-training why ?

Initial contact with 3d Five years ago at Regionals 2011, Bolton, Manchester James Jowsey tried to remove some issues I had after the Run-HSPU-Row event and prep me for the Clean Thruster Event. He said ”no stretching” and took me through a series that for me at the time felt like pretty bizarre lunges. I […]


Today marks the day of three weeks without hip pain. On my birthday. Awesome. I notice that as soon as the pain gets out of the system the motivation to train increases and new goals get set. Talked yesterday with Angelica about competitions next year and I look forward getting back on the field. Shit. I […]