Power MAP

Even more hungover today so kept the workout short. Prodigy kept the morale high though. Run 12×30/30 pulse 75%-90% on gravel filled road which was not exactly zero degrees inclined. Made each interval more interesting.

Perfect MAP

Holiday wod, hungover as hell but got more sleep than usual. Thanks to my super GF. As you see in the picture I got all I need 😉 A: Bulgarian SS Tempo 30×0 x 10 reps Unweighted 1/1set 32kg KB opposite hand 2/2set Boof heavy B: 3x 10 goblet squat 32kg 20×0, rest 30s Too […]

Gone diggin

Felt pretty ok today. Stiff but ok. I was wrong. A: 10 x OTM Squat Snatch 80kg Went super, really satisfied with new technique. B: OHS 3RM Horrible, aborted after a single on 90kg. Had no push at all. C: FS 3RM Singles up to 130kg which was a big fight. Failed at 140kg, aborted […]

This is not MAP

Really sore today, only got six hours of sleep. Stupid since I was home alone yesterday. A: 6 x Heavy Ass Sled Drag AMMAP 20s (3 forward, 3 backward) 75kg fwd: 32m 75kg backwd: 27m 75kg fwd: 42m 100kg backwd: 22m 100kg fwd: 29m 100kg backwd: 24m Really fucking heavy for the legs B: MAP […]

This is volume day

10mins after I woke up. 12min jog – felt like the heaviest part of todays workout Session 1 A: Snatch 1x5set x 40kg then 50 then 70kg B: Snatch High Pull 3 x 70-90-105-105-105 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjMWQZQQzjk C: Halting Snatch DL 3s at knee 3x105kg D: Squat Clean + 3 Split Jerk: 40-60-80-100kg E: Jerk: 1×110-110-110-110-110-110-1×120-1×125(failed second)-2×125(failed […]

5km run

A little hungover and darn stiff, decided to ”jog” for 5km to just see if my back would hold up at 5-6min/km. It cramped after 300m and I could not surpass 152 in pulse for 3,5km. Local lactic acid in the back muscles kept my strides very short. Suddenly it got a little better and […]

Aerobic Capacity

Lunchtime Test day for aerobic capacity but first a little strength. A: OHS heavy three plus a few back off sets. 3×60-80-90-1×100-3×105-90-80-80-80 fail on last rep last set so apparently enough volume. B: ”Christine” 8:39, this was tough. Avg HR above 170 throughout the wod. However back to normal within 10mins so I guess it […]

Beach 2013

Switching back to swedish if no one complains. Trött idag, sover lite kasst på kontoret trots relativt många timmar kontra i Falun med småbarn. Pass 1 med Lanner på SAK A: Ryck Massa ettor på 40kg sen 50 & 60kg 10xOTM 1x70kg, ganska lätt och ledigt, fokuserar på ny teknik. B: Close grip benchpress Får […]

Am I getting detrained

Second week of heavy volume. Tuesday is more or less a recovery day. A: 5sets of 2 vertical jumps + 100m row @ 100% 14,6 14,9 14,5 15,2 14,7 Not at all as impressive as last week. Only managed once to get down to 1:09 in stroke speed. B: MAP 80% 6min 200m row + […]

A new beginning

Met up with Lanner, Lukas, Heins, Matti and Max to train olympic weightlifting with Jari Kemi. A: Snatch It was a great experience. I have never made so many lifts with an empty barbell or at 40kg. At least 50 lifts. Not one lift was ok according to Jari. Lanner failed several lifts. It was […]