Flank delivers

Testing day with Flank, Viktor, Ulrika and Linda even though Linda did her own tests. Bodyweight 89,8kg A: WPU pronated 58kg Jonas 70kg and Viktor 60kg (very strict), Ulrika 5kg Like i guessed. Ok! Linda nailed 3 strict PU! B: amrap MU 12, Jonas 17!, Viktor 9 Not dissapointed but I should have tried another […]

At least I am pretty flexible

Max day with Flank & Viktor A: High bar BS 175kg, a 5kg PR, no fails. B: Press 77,5, 85F, 85F, 85F, 80F With a max at 95kg this was such a disappointment that I wanted to cry. Felt like my CNS was turned off after the squats. C: AMRAP 5min GTOH 100kg 20 reps. […]

Beaten by a girl

Aha… Body weight 91,5kg A: Power Clean worked up to 130kg, missed 135kg (did a Squat Clean) then missed the next attempt at 135kg (picture above). B: Close grip bench press worked up to 130kg, no fails. C: AMRAP Strict PU: 17 reps D: AMRAP Strict HSPU Regionals Standard 18 reps E: Run 3k: 12:45, […]


Just some active mobility drills today. A: Lots of Snatch and Jerk complexes 40-70kg focusing on positioning and depth. B: Among other things I accomplished a 70kg really tight Jerk grip OHS (2-3cm outside the marker). C: Finished off with some rapid back squats and some box jumps 100-110cm httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQPWG-IZcUs&feature=em-upload_owner

Yup I was weak

Had to test if something was wrong today during my presses behind the neck. I stretched my pecs a lot before this workout since I now know they are a key shoulder mob limiter for me. A: Standing press BN 10×20-2×40-50-1×60-70kg Very fucking hard again, stopped there Hmm but what about military press? 70kg fail! […]

Not stronger

Still a tiny bit hungover. I am always hungover Warmup: an OL complex up to 60kg A: Front Squat OTM 10kg increase 60-150Fail I got really angry, added to 180kg, unracked it and stood for 5secs. Rested 2min, added 152,5kg and nailed it easily. Failed the 157,5kg lift in the sticking point B: Seated Press […]

Every min we shufflin

It just doesn’t feel right to squeeze in three days of rest. Garden wod A: mixed complexes up to 110kg focusing on leg drive. Punch! B: For 20min 0,4,8… Back squat 90kg 10 reps 1,5,9… Push Jerk 90kg 1 reps 2,6,10… Front Squat 90kg 5 reps 3,7,11… Behind neck push press 90kg 3 reps C: […]

Beach training

The atmosphere was stunning today. Benchpress! Yay! A: Close grip bench press 10×60-60-5×80-3×90-100-2×110-120kg B: Bench supported row with 1s isometric hold 5×40,50,60,70,75kg then I followed up with a test to see the difference between isometric rows and pure dynamic 5x90kg,100kg So about a 30% difference for me. Interesting. Jonas did 2×145 in the CGBP and […]

Minimum dose

At CF Tegen with Mika. My Gorillas Timmy and Lukas slept over and missed the entire workout, not happy about that. A: Power Snatch – worked up to 95kg in 5kg increments B: Squat Clean – worked up to 127,5kg in 7,5kg increments. Failed 135kg today. Bah nothing more today. Feeling really lazy, not good. […]

Nice deload day

Second day in Sthlm. Nice to see so many peeps I’ve missed. Session one With David at CF Nordic A: Push Jerk 70kgx3x5-6set Focusing on positioning and mobility B: Klokov Press 4×40-50-55kg 50 was hard and 55 was probably the hardest presses in a long time. C: Weighted Pull-up pronated 2×16-24-32-44-46,5-49kg Some form of rep-pr […]