Day one of Solid Open done. Impressed by the performance of the field! I am performing at about my expectations but it does not matter when the field is so good Event 1: Burpees, 18th place Kept the pace pretty easy and increased in the end. Event 2: Farmers walk, C&J and sprint 13th place. […]

Final prep

Wanted to loosen up the body after a long day at the office. Went down to Solid and they released event 4 right after my warmup. Perfect since I then could test to Snatch with my running shoes. No misses at all but a bit awkward to Snatch while standing in the bed. Finished off […]

Light so light

Andreas Stenberg said that I look tired. Food for thought. Did a few Snatches 40-50kg then Solid Open Event 2. Had good pace on the C&J but lousy pace on the farmers walk. 8:27 with about RPE 8. Gonna crush this one in two days.

Hip rehab continues

Woke up in the middle of the night with hip pain in the glute med area. Cause of pain? Litfing the leg… Functional A: Snatch Complex 3-4 reps pauses around the knee x 40-70kg Focus toes and knees absolutely straight forward. B: 30 burpee mu for time 5:48 PR with 20 secs. Nice the day […]

Burpees as hip deload

Hip is exhausted, using this week as barbell deload. Did the Solid Open Event 1 WOD today. Yay burpees. Amrap 6 min Burpees On the minute: Min 1: 3/5 mu or 30 airsquats as legit sub (no sub for gents) Min 2: 4 Boxjump (70/60cm) Min 3: 5 toes to bar Min 4: 6 CTB […]

Squat Clinic

Apparently stiff right ankle. Since fixing it seems to be first priority in fixing the hip I did a workout challenging ankle flexion. Barefooted ”Knee and ankle conditioning” 20min 250m row 10 assisted narrow stance squats focus ankle flexion 5/5 assisted pistols, focus ankle flexion 10/10 bulgarian split squats 5meter duck walk, focus to roll […]


Finally found a remedy to squat pain free today. Basically any squat variation which put as little stress as possible on the left adductor. Hip width, toes forward work as well as wider but then my toes tend to rotate out due to ankle flexibility. I therefore need to remake my squat and mobilize the […]


A: Snatch 3×40, 50, 60, 70, 2×80, 1×85, 90, 95, 100, 105F, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105F I have rolled out the bar in the start a bit to get a better bar path and back at the knees. This messes a little with timing. Need to roll it in again and work out […]

Sleep better stupid!

How hard can it really be to sleep properly when you have no sleeping issues other than actually go to bed in time? This is not a whiny post but goddamn it is so stupid and I am not a stupid man. Shape up! A: Jerk 5×60, 4×60, 3×70, 2×80, 90, 100, 110, 1×115, 115, […]

Snatching again and CrossFit is hard

Really tired today. Guess work makes that to you when you sleep 30-60mins less. Must fix. Sleeping early tonight. No training buddies today since the bastards did some slacker workout and decided to take an early lunch. Glute activation A: Clean from blocks at knee 3×50,50,70,70,2×80,90,100 Gosh I suck at cleaning from blocks! B: Clean […]