The Rhabdo is gone!

8h zleep cures everything even BrainRhabdo. Positive me today! A: Snatch EMOM 77kg x 3 x 6set Felt very good! B: 5 x E2M Front Squat 115kg x 4 WPU 5kg x 8 Last set FS I managed 5 reps but I failed to complete the wpu only 5 reps in the last set, dropped […]

I gotta have Rhabdo

Rhabdo in the brain must be the cause of my declining performance. Very short session again due to baptism. A: 5 x E2M 2 Clean + 2 Push Jerk 90-100kg + 4-5 MU I got so much pulse that I could not follow the plan of 5MU. 2nd set of push jerks at 100 looked […]

Oops where did my power go

Felt alright when I woke up in my own bed finally. Had very low mood for training since my mind was elsewhere thinking about good stuff. One cant skip Snatch day though! A: Snatch ladder 75-95kg E60s 5kg Failed 100 backwards. Heaviest Snatch in over a month. A little pissed but not so much it […]

When I get old(er)

Only 6 hours sleep. Blaaargh Hmm this is day 6 again of ”cardio”, my knee and back probably need a day off now. A: Hang Power Snatch Ladder E90s 5kg 60kg-85kg then 2x90kg Not so bad! B: 5 x E2M HBBS 7 x 115kg, 8 last set WPU 7 x 5kg, 8 last set. Good […]

Suck it up princess

Yesterdays session Snatch triple tng e90s 50-85, 2×90 5 x e90s FS 3 x115kg, 4×115 last set WPU pronated 7 x 10kg, 8 x BW last set 2 x 4/8min 3-5-7… Thrusters 45kg Ctb 9+9 11 + 11 The strict wpu killed the ctb so I had to do mixed grip ctb. Good biceps pump […]

Lactic shuttle

Snippets from last night. ”Stop snoring!”. I stopped (or so I thought). A few mins later… ”Ok I am going to Emmas room now you have snored like an elephant for 1,5 hours now” One hour later… Emma: ”Dad I cant sleep you are snoring!” Sigh… When I woke up I could hardly breath. A […]

Uh oh aha

Really sore throat, thick nose. So this is whats been going on during the week. Keeping training light. A: clean and push jerk 60-90kg then 70-100kg B: 4 rounds 800m run 14 strict pu 14 strict hspu ~31-32mins last 14 hspu unbroken. Running was hard as always even though the pace was ~5min/km If I […]

NS 13.3 revisited

Short workout today. Longing for proper training. Proper warmup then ns 13.3 Was done with the bbjo at 3:13 and finished with 37 reps. Apparently my lactic tolerance in the legs suck >> good to fucking know, thanks Rickard! Two hours later and still feel some in my throat so apparently it sucked more than […]

Burpee Box Jumps

Woke up like a wreck today. It took me a bathtub of coffee before I was half a human again. A: E90s 5kg incr Snatch w pause at knee + Snatch + 2 OHS 40-90kg Back starting to cramp up again. No power and no will so… B: FS 80kg x 5 x 2set C: […]


Doms in the back and abs especially laterally. Probably from the sled punching/rowing? 2 Clean + 2 Push Jerk 5kg pyramide every 90s 70>90>70 Just focus on technique. E90s Deadlift 145kg x 6 x 5set Light and smooth. E90s Strict HSPU ladder 6 reps 0cm, 3, 6, 9cm Only managed 4sets out of anticipitated 5. […]