The strength is really there

Good sleep again! A: High Bar Back Squat 5-10 x 20-40-60-5×80-100-120-140-150-7×157.5kg-5×132.5-5×132.5-5×132.5-5×132.5 When looking at Prelepins chart this workout is considered BRUTAL, I landed over 2.0 in INOL The 6th rep was so easy but the 7th so goddamn hard! Finished with 4 back off sets of the rep max weight. I did then with one […]

Upper back galore

Another night with +8h sleep. Soon I can enter a weekly sleep PR in BoxPeak No training buddies at the gym (sorry Mattias and Mats you are too strong to be called buddies) A: Pause FS 40-60-80-100-110 FailByBlackout, 110, 140F WrongFuckingWeights!, 120, 130 done felt pretty good. B: E90s 1 Clean + 3 Jerk 93kg […]

Motivation is back

When I put Wilma to bed I thought – Maybe I should do some rowing after ? BIG motivation sign for me. The infection is probably finally on the way out of my body. A: 500m warmup + 10 x 30/30 with slightly increased power output per rep. This was of course very easy and […]

Managing the life puzzle

+9h sleep yesterday, 8,5h sleep tonight. I think I am starting to establish a routine which will work. A: HBBS up to 170kg. Very very heavy today. 160 was so light though otherwise I would not have attempted 170kg. B: Push press 110-115-120kg Not so bad form for a near max lift! C: E60s Snatch […]

Mancold n cardio

The cold still got its grip but my overalm status is Solid 2 x 10-15 handstand walk then > A: Pause FS up to a pretty light 125kg, focus is still purely form. B: E90s 2 Clean + 1 Jerk 100kg x 6 sets Cardio C: Deadlift front grip (dead start) 5 x 90, 110, […]

The light in the tunnel

Two days off. Two nights pretty good sleep. Still got a cold but not enough to force another day of rest. A: hbbs two singles at 170 Hmm a little too heavy. Lets see what happens later. B: Press up to 85kg working on proper rack C: E60s Snatch 80kg x 2 x 7set D: […]

Stockholm sleep syndrome

Status wed morning: I am sick for real. Tuesday: Every time I am in Stockholm my sleep is pretty bad even though I get the hours. It is the air bed I use. Yesterday Matti brought another mattress and I slept like a baby straight through the night even though the damping was pretty rough […]

Slowly returning to life

Trained a little today. Not sick but headache and overall very tired. A: HBBS up to 160kg and a few pause squats at 130 then 120kg Very submax as the day requires. B: E60s Snatch 75kg x 3 x 6set Whoa! Big pulse! C: Snatch DL to knee w 3s pause from 6cm deficit 3 […]

Let the Norwegians lead the way

Got inspired/frustrated/angry after seeing Christer Idland Snatch 90kg like air E30s yesterday. Hmm my game plan of power snatching 85kg suddenly felt like a weak mans game. So… Dreamt about hitting the pocket and had to test it today. A: Snatch E30s x 12 x 95kg Well that went pretty smooth except for one lift. […]