Uh oh

Feels like the cold have gone down to the chest. No conditioning. A: Back Squat 4 x 170kg, really wanted 5 reps so did it again; 4x170kg Done! Finished! Kaputt! It was not meant to be today Again B1: Press 70kg x 3 x 5set B2: WPU pronated 32kg x 3 x 5 set C: […]

So light!

My fantastic other half kept waking me up half the night since she complained that I snored! I finally went down to the basement to find some peace. When I woke up this morning I really could have killed someone AND we were out of coffee! Aanyway I got a bit pumped by the fact […]

Squat til you drop

DOMS anyone ? At Tegen with the GorillaSquad A: Pause 1 1/4 Back squat 4 x 130kg, 4 x 110kg x 2set These are pretty horrible   B: Hang Clean + 4 Split Jerk 60-70-80-90-100kg Making my OL friends proud 😉   C1: Weighted 1 1 /4 Dips 3x10kg, 3x20kg, 10x7set C2: Weighted False Grip […]

Cannot walk but can Clean

Severe DOMS! Worst since Open 12.3 last year. Session 1 A: Hang Snatch 2×40-50-60-70-80-1+1Fx90-2×70-75-80-85-90-1+1Fx95kg Had issues getting under since my body really do not want to spend ANY time in a full squat right now. Session 2 A: Hang Power Clean 3×40-60-80-90-100-2×110-115 Lost grip at 110 and 115. Really hard to maintain a hook grip […]

20RM fail

At Tegen with a lot of superstars Session 1 Handstand walk practice A: HBBS 145kg x 19 reps; 123kg x 12 x 2set I counted wrong. Thought I had 20 reps. So angry. 145 would be cool, will probably never try this shit again. Cannot feel my legs! Rhabdo! B: Hang Clean + lots of […]

200m finally!

Good sleep, fat A: Squat 100, 120, 140, 160, 170, 180kgPR, 190F, 180 Disappointed, should have gone for 185 Failed after grinding in the sticking point for at 2-3s B: a little Press C: 30s row 197m, pissed. Then Fredrik did 198m, redid it 200mPR and 30s lifetime goal then Viktor did 201m. Had no […]

PR but still disappointed

Supposed to be no training today but cant train tomorrow so… 8 x 30/30 row Last two were awful which you can tell by the decreasing performance on the 7th. My legs lost all power the last 7-8 secs. 1383m, PR with almost 20m but had Flanks result in my mind. That was todays training

Deload day…?

I got a full cold on my hands, no training today right? I went to the gym anyway just to get out of the office chair and warm up the joints. Started to ramp up the Hi Hang Clean… Clean Complex: Pause at knee, pause at Hi-Hang then Clean + TnG Clean 40-60-80-90-100-110-117.5-122.5F-GOT ANGRY-122.5 I […]

If the press fails then run

Another too short night. Coldness > bad sleep. Nice gym company with mr Flank among others. A: Push press 123kg, 128.5F, 128.5F Had nothing to give. Pretty disappointed. Flank as well failed to reach high today, guess the weekend caught up on us now. B: amrap strict hspu Regional standard 18 reps, one below PR […]

Deload-week or PR-week?

Bad sleep, the cold is reappering. A: Back Squat (1 x 100% of 3RM) worked up to 175kg which is my old 1RM, really nice to be able to handle it this way day 4 of max-outs.   B: Snatch Complex – 2s Pause at knee, 2s at hip then Snatch + Hang Snatch from […]