10 tons in the arctic

Lots of snow today. I would guess 15-20cm. We now have a snow depth of at least 80cm. My training mostly have consisted of challenging snow-mobile riding. My kid brother really is crazy but so goddamn skilled with all kind of vehicles. Near death experience every 10 mins or so Another quick session today. 20 […]

Freeticket to unlimited consumption

Status: Feeling good! With Mrs ICE at the gym. Ulrika already was done and cursed me for my rowing program A: Hang Clean – 40-60-80-90-100-110-115-120-125-130-135F My 2nd pull sucks. It is too much forward. I need some help here. B: In 12min 10 back squat 70kg, 80kg, 90kg… 5 EROM HSPU 15 cm I finished […]


Status: Shoulders and trapz wasted since yesterday. A very light session today. Good long warmup A: Back Jerk 5×40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110,120 A shit load of reps where I focused a lot on posture. Paused the last rep every set for 3-5s. B: 20min Zone 1 1000m Row + 20 tgu 16kg Very boring More mobility and SMR […]

Friends matter

Status: Pretty destroyed by three days of overconsumption, late nights and early mornings. Met up with Jaime and Malin today. Ulrika joined in on the party later on. First some handstand practice. Better and better. A: Hang Snatch up to 107.5kg with no fails. Fail at 110kg, abort. Had a timer set on 25mins to […]

Guilt free my ass

Lots of posts about how you should treat the food overload during the Holidays. I have no guilt during the consumption of half a pig but sure the day after when I wake up and feel like 20 years older. Therefor I did like 2×20-30min gymnastic sessions on Christmas and a 30min routine today. I […]

Holidays = anxiety

I really do hate long holidays since they tend to ruin my conditioning. Therefor I always feel like a wreck before they start since I know whats coming. Bringing the barbell to our winter cabin. For all of you who says that 5-7 days of rest is good for you, go f-ck yourself. It does […]

Trapi trapi

Status: Emma woke up 6th day in a row at 6:15. NOT OK. With the gang at the gym. Stretching up Ulrika whos on week 3 of Rehab. She is on the right path finally <3 Teaming with Sofie. A: DB Snatch 55kg right, 50kg left B: 3min hswalk, ooof them shoulders. 60meter C: Regionals […]

So easy to fool

Status: Good sleep, feeling strong. A: High Bar back squat…. worked up to 3x140kg then aborted due to calf pain. Guess I need to take this serious or it might blow into a real injury. So pissed. I really wanted 3x180kg today since the squatting season is over. Guess I have to settle with 8x170kg. […]