Walk in fuck things up, walk out

Status: A bit fucked up. A: 10min EMOM Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Jerk 80kg x 3 reps Supposed to be 15mins but my STFU HTFU t-shirt was at home today. I will remember to bring it the next time just in case. B: Clean deadlift 3 x 80, 110, 140, 160, 180, […]

Easy day

A: Snatch 70-105 no fails, failed 110 Re-ramp, 92,5-97,5-102,5F-102,5F!!! B: Hang Snatch 2 x 80, 2 x 90, 1×97,5-102,5-107,5F-107,5F Ok. 100-102,5-105 not a bad session but the weight is so fucking light!!! I should have 115 with the height I have of the bar. C: CTB Ladder No magnesia, wonderful 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, […]

Craziest conditioning in a while

Status: Glorious but tired A: Power Snatch 70-100 yearly best? No fails B: Snatch DL from riser 3 x 100-120-140 C: SLDL snatch grip from riser 3 x 100-120-140 D: With Angelica alternate each station freely 100m tire flip 1600m sled drag with partner as load 3.2k run 3k row 1 hour 12mins

Competition phase

Status: Great! A: Bear Complex: 100, 107.5, 115, 122.5 FAIL?? Then I took on a htfu-shirt and did the complex in 10seconds instead. Put on 127.5kg and nailed it pretty easily. B: CTB Ladder 6-7-8… I made round 14 today. Found a better technique after watching Felix and by talking with Amanda. 16 is the […]

Let it go

Tired and thoughtful but anxious to meet up with the girls for a squatting session. A: Back Squat 10×60, 80, 100, 3×120, 140, 160, 2×170 Fell forward on the first on 170 so the 2nd got heavy so I chickened out and just did a double. B: Low bar back squat 5×100, 120, 7×140, 10×150 […]

Apparently strong despite food poisoning

Fantastic form, look at that C-shape, almost symmetric Did some work for the team yesterday where we raised a HUGE tent. It took 11 hours with about 30mins break. Ciabattas and Coke was the supplements. Oh lord. When I came home my stomach really started to ache and then I suffered a 12h exorcism. Ciabattas […]

Beaten by a girl, again

Status: Sleeping on a mattress on concrete floor is not my thing but hey I at least got somewhere to sleep. Sore back. Session one A: Power clean and jerk touch n go up to 115kg, failed the jerk at 125kg but nailed the 2nd attempt. Not good. Somehow I lacked power and lockout ability, […]

Apparently strong with gear

Monday. Status: Feeling good at CrossFit Solid. A: Snatch doubles – nailed doubles 80-100kg pretty easy, easiest ever? Then failed 3 singles at 105 which would have been power snatches all of them since I wrap my knees HARD as of current. I almost killed Jakob with a Snatch sprint. Good, now Solid is Snatch sprint […]

From hell to heaven

Add thrusters to the program and I instantly feel better Today I decided to add wraps when the weight got heavier (2nd lift at 122.5) to see if there would be any difference in feeling and power. Ohhhh yes. No pain and more confidence. A: Hang Clean and Jerk 115, 115, 122.5, 122.5, 127.5, 132.5, […]