Obviously on Steroids

Picked up a rumour yesterday that to be able to work as hard as I do I have to be on steroids. I LOVE IT! It means I am doing something right if you get the impression that I am juicing. But hey lets look at my strength progression the last two years. Snatch: 103 […]

Fat n Strong

Status: Thumbs up but feeling fat! A: Freestanding handstand practice Forearm supported handstand 3 x 20-30 seconds? Extremely good exercise to find the midline. Freestanding – got ~ 5secs without moving hands. Getting better and better and starts to feel natural. B: Clean + Overhead squat with the same grip – Hands inside marker up […]

You are not better than your last session

The last two sessions have been pure catastrophy htfu-wise. During Friday I aborted a metcon with Angelica, she gave me the dog face. After a minute of muttering I pulled through still. The knee is fucked up. Please Marcus listen to yourself and your friends. Need to be healed up at Games. Aaaanyway the lifting […]

Bodybuilding as recovery

Status: Knee fucked up, bad enough to not use it today at least. All flexion hurts. Adapt the session. A: Press BN Wide grip 3 x 40, 3×50, 2 x 60 B: Press BN Medium grip 3 x 40, 3 x 50, 2 x 60 C: Press BN close grip 4 x 40, 3 x […]

Feeling great – Time to cooldown?

Status: Sleep? What else is new Session one: A: Deadlift + Clean + Pause Front Squat + Push press + Pause Jerk aka Klokov Complex 60-70-80-90-100-110-117.5(Fail Jerk), 117.5, 120 MUCH heavier than Mondays Chingiz Complex for some reason!? Could be that this is day 3 of heavy shit. Maybe maybe.   B: For 10mins Every […]


Status: So little sleep! A: Power Snatch + Snatch + Snatch Balance + OHS 70-75-80-85-90-95-100F(Snatch)-100 B: Hang Power Snatch + Hang Snatch + Snatch Balance + OHS 80-85-90-95-100F (Hang Snatch)-100F (Snatch Balance)   So I Power Snatched 100kg four times, 2 from floor and 2 from hang. Not bad! 100kg is pr from the hang […]