Die a bit to deserv Rome

Status: Never felt older. Magically I started to get a bit mobile after a few tap-out stretches by Angelica. A: Clean + 2-3 Push Jerks 80-90kg x ~sets Feels really bad in my knee. I will never be able to Push Jerk it seems like. Zero improvement. B: Thrusters 90kg x 3, 95kg x 5, 95kg […]

Fear is a funny thing

Status: My back is still extremely sore. It is not DOMS but something else. Sprinting + saturday deadlifts got to me. Need to focus on my upper body for a while. Session 1 A: Snatch 75kg x 3 x 4set + 80kg x 2reps Some fails on the third rep B: Back Squat beltless – […]

Sprinting is sneaky

Status: Feeling like concrete was poured into my hips during the night. So yesterday we did some Squatting – 6-8s Pause FS 115kg x 1 x 8 sets Pressing – Push press BN 82.5-90kg x 4 reps x 7-8 sets Pulling – legless rope climbs 3.3m with 7.5kg x 7-8 sets Some Jumping ~ 105cm […]

Slow is the new boring

Prehab: Tap-out stretch and handstands A: Thruster 3-3-4 x 90kg, lost balance, dropped it. Not in the mood B: OHS 3-3-9 x 87,5kg Decent C: 12min Weighted pu pron 18,5kg x 5 reps Weighted Ring Dips 18,5kg x 5 reps Ghd situp 10-15kg x 8-10 reps 6-7 rounds D: 12min 1/4 + 1 Ring Row […]

Shoulder madness

Status: good! At Solid in Sthlm A: Snatch 3x70kg too much mongo today B: Front Squat 5-5-7 x 105kg C: Weighted supinated Pull-up 6×32-37kg PR D: EROM strict HSPU 6 x 10cm, 13cm E: 12min 3cm EROM hspu 6 reps Wpu sup 18,5kg x 6 reps 8 strict v-ups ~7 rounds F: 12min 6 DB […]

Almost back on track

Status good! A: Power Clean tng 5×80, 95, 111 Pretty submax, first 4 reps in 10s B: Deadlift 8 x 100, 120, 140, 5 x 160, 180 Very dissapointed, could have grinded but did not. Oh well it will come. 250kg feels far away though Did 10x140kg Floating SLDL right after to hit the desired […]