Cry like a baby

—Yesterday— Status: Horny enough for squatting Squatted for the first time in 2 weeks. Felt great during the squats. In a few hours after I started to get really stiff in the hips despite that I stretched the glutes decently a couple of times. Anyway went to the gym for a session nr 2. Snatched […]

Back, hips and virus

I think I have been slightly sick since last week. Should have understood this since the entire family is sick. It is known that underlying virus(es) enhances already present symptoms and I have been feeling pretty stiff. Typically like how you feel when you are on the breach to get sick. I also have been […]

I need a morphine pusher

Status: Horrible. The back and hips feels like they are made of concrete. Today should have included power snatching and snatch grip pulling from the floor but I skipped it due to severe lower back stiffness. Last wednesday I wrote that I should only do hanging lifts this week. So why the fuck did I […]

CrossFit bodybuilding

Waking up today after a moderately long high rep metcon yesterday I feel run over by a train and have DOMS everywhere. Especially ass and triceps. Could not be better! Try this and get back to me 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 for time Burpees Ring Dips Walking lunges 32kg/24kg 84 reps of kipping ring dips apparently gives some […]

I almost survived my own program

Status: Very bad. My hip make me look like and feel like Macahan. I am now going to relax the hip until Monday and only do hanging work next week. Training with Peter Szabo while Amanda did her own stuff. Nice to train with someone. I am a sucker for good company and Peter is getting […]

The importance of short term goal setting

Status: Pretty non horny which got worse since I had to get to Sthlm by bus and arrived without coffee 1,5 hours late. The program declared that we should row 10s fast and 20s slow x 12 intervals x 3 sets. For my workout I changed this to ”Get up to over 85% of maximum power in three strokes”. Since […]

Peak force / Peak power

Moved my blog from to here since it made more sense to make my blog more available to the ones connected to GorillaFitness. Pretty funny, I set up Facebook auto publish and while importing the old entries it automatically posted all old posts onto Facebook marking me as a spammer So today is the […]