Pecs and biceps are improving

Went through BoxPeak today. Looks like my upper body pulling is improving like hell even though I get a feeling of that it stands still. Pulling Weighted Chest to Ring +15% Weighted pull-up supinated +7,5% Rope pull-up +17% Weighted pull-up pronated +1,3% (hmm maybe need more lat work) Weighted Ring Pull Up +7,5% Weighted CTB […]

Throw away your rucksack

Status: Never been hornier. What I have learned through life is that the gym/training hall/dojo should be the place where you recover mentally. Therefor it is extremely important to make an effort to block bad thoughts while you train/practice a skill or you will lose that session and lose potential mental recovery. Not thinking on […]

You cannot argue with success

Status: SMOKED! The Torso Twisted organizers sure wanted to test our leg strength this weekend. I do not mind at all, normally that kind of test lacks in CrossFit imo. The divider almost always is upper body pulling for the elite but in this case it was more of both. Males High Standard: Me and […]