Understand stressors

  You only have one bucket of available ”capacity” and by adding a stressor you drain a bit of that bucket regardless the kind of stress. The more restoration you get the faster the bucket fills which means you can train or work more and possibly harder (volume vs intensity). The image above illustrates the […]

Adapting to age

For those following me it is not exactly news that my hip bothers me. I did a MRi last year, nothing major wrong which is good. Is is muscular and probably muscular imbalances that are the root cause(s). I am in touch with pros in the area now so I think I will sort it […]


Excited to see what 15.3 holds! So far Castro have picked my top 2 goats – which I work on constantly to improve which I am but not in par with the community. If he as well picks pistols I have to give it to him. Then I will probably vaporize in thin air. Pistols […]

Why I hate girls

Last year performing 14.2 I was lean, weighed 88kg and felt like a badass. This year I weigh almost 94kg. WTF happened? Well… chicks be like ”oh your ass is so cute” ”you look so skinny” FUCK – a man is not cute nor skinny => MUST GET GAINZ => EAT LIKE A HORSE => […]