Open letter to Meridian teams

This is a follow-up on the story that lead to our team being declined from competing at Regionals despite that we qualified. Read the background here if you are not aware. We have been in frequent contact with the HQ staff who have been very helpful despite what some say they are. They really want […]

The unthinkable just happened

I just cannot not write about the catastrophe that our team is dealing with right now. Through all the years our Affiliate Manager also have been Team Manager (we had no clue that there were two roles) of the one team that Måndagsklubben put into the CrossFit Open. The affiliate manager did not himself sign up for […]

Statistics seriously – Fuck you

I don’t know if you have noticed but my team really have struggled through the Open. We opened in 15.1 with a 52nd place! Half of my team was sick and my hip was really fucked up. According to my statistics friends NO ONE EVER have qualified for team with a +50 finish in an […]