Best day in … three months?

Woke up, shaked legs, no pain. Walked, no limbing. Fuck yeah! Finally a day which feels better than yesterday. Next phase of my rehab starts today, yey no more lying clams but…. Standing clams and lateral band walks Prep: Sidelunge w bands in pull-up rig – spent loads of time in this Ido lean back […]

I probably got FAI from CAM/Pincer

I have been stiff in my left adductor as long I can remember. I remember that I had issues doing the splits with my left left at 15 year old. This followed me during my martial arts career where left side kicks were hard to perform since my hip felt mechanically locked. In 2011 I […]

A regular training day

So back to regular training again. Fri / Sat is team training though even in the new program. We will train like individuals mo-thu and as a team fri/sat throughout the season. This method have proven effective… if we were able to click ”yes I want to compete at Regionals”. When they released the team events […]

Deadline for regionals is up

This Monday we got feedback from the very helpful HQ staff that since they are releasing the Regional events the deadline for our participation is up. However Angelica got her individual spot back as a small compensation. My focus is to coach her and Viktor now and to get the team back on the feet. […]