Status: Well… Kind of horny n dats a good thing. Todays session went pretty well and it is always refreshing to speak to big Mats. He have a good sense of how to look at training. Today he convinced me that the legpress how sissy of an exercise it might be should be a staple […]

Solid Open Qualifier – rehab?

Status: DOMS from hell, cant feel if I am horny Did the Solid Open Qualifier Q1 two days ago + worked up to a 130kg x 2 Pause Squat, after all it was midsummers eve and no midsummer without squatting. I performed according to plan in the qualifier. I set a goal of 12 rounds […]

Power training n running oh well… not walking

Status: Hornier than yesterday, probably a good thing The two last days have been pretty disastrous with bad training. The culprit is accumulated low sleep. Tonight I slept better hence feeling better today and guess what my shoulder strength reappeared again. Yesterday I trained with my PushStrength gadget. Trying to get some data over time […]

CrossFit session

Status: Horny as fuck Felt awesome today, wanted to squat heavy since my body felt so good. I did not do that of course but the thought was there. A: Hip stuff B: One leg legpress 105kg x 15 reps on both legs – Rep PR I guess C: Pistol on box with 5kg 5/5 […]

Two steps forward and one laterally

Status: So much better! Went to see Fredrik Aronsson yesterday and he did a little screening of my medius/minimus. ”Are you fucking kidding me?”. We found that I had zero possibility to adduct my left leg due to severely tight/cramping abductors. I probably have enhanced this pattern by all the abduction work the last month. Step […]

Conditioning improving

So I overloaded my hip last wed to sat, paying the price now. Back to drawing board. No squatting (not even 50kg to bench) for a few days. I blamed the Power Clean last Saturday but I think it was the chain of exercises that fucked it up. Wed: Wall Balls (100 reps) Thu: One […]

Step forward, step back

Status: Felt sore in my lower body today. Did 100 WB wednesday, loads of bulgarian ss, one leg dls etc thursday and 100 front squats to bench yesterday. Yup I overdid my hip deload a bit Today I thought I should try out a little clean and jerking on low weights. Low weights are boring […]

First real wod in ages

Been pain free for 10 days now but if I should rate the pain freeness so have the last 4-5 days been the best since I cannot remember. So I thought that I should test my body a little today. Session one A: Hip prehab / rehab work B: One leg legpress 95kg x 15 […]