Camp Gorilla

Joakim and Lovisa moved up yesterday. Christopher and Emil this week as well.  Viktor, The Brehlin Bros and Mackan came to visit us today. What a great opportunity for some 2 on 2 programming 😎 So we did A: In team of 2 3 rounds of  Deadlift 140kg/90kg 20 reps Lateral burpees 20 reps w […]

Howto become an underdog

Well first. Make sure that you destroy your body over the course of +15 years starting young. Then start to add loads with bad movement patterns for +8 years. Then enter a competition which decides to program running as one of the major events. Solid Open released Event 2. 800m dash. Holy canoli worst fucking […]

No pain is gain

Status: Well…. Pretty horny n happy. Happy that I have no pain. Warmed up today felt no hip issues _at_ all. What have I changed? Well probably removal och g.medius activity PLUS ”the palm” stretches a few times a day. Felt like this would be a good day for snatching. A: Snatch 2×70, 76, 81, 86, […]

Midway through rehab

So how does my hip rehab progress? Well it have been a bumpy road but mostly with progression. I still cannot run any longer distance but I can do most exercises even though I have been avoiding squatting movements pretty much. Some Cleans and Wall balls here and there plus some squat snatches but that’s […]