Last workout before Torso Twisted

Status: Actually a bit hammered from the EMOMS yesterday. WTF. A: Snatch + OHS up to 85kg B: 2 Clean + 2 Jerk up to 100kg C: A 30min workout. 6min EMOM Even 5/3 Bar Muscle Ups Odd 10/8 kcal row Directly into 6min EMOM Even 5/3 Muscle Ups Odd 10/8 kcal row Directly into 6min […]

Was about to qualify

Status: Body is reacting the way I want with reduced overall volume. Hornyness is increasing, probably peaking for the weekend. Registered for Greek Throwdown yesterday evening. Would have been cool to join Lanner in the +35 class but just could not find time to perform the three qualifiers in two days so I skipped it. Plus it […]

Peaking – aka avoiding to fuck shit up

Some recap Last week we did some serious attempts at becoming more ”crossfit”. I sustained the pace for two days (which however was glorious) then I fell apart. It took me til Friday until I was half a human being again. The workouts which are part of a mini-peak looked something like this in general Mon […]

Training with Team Måndagsklubben Faloon

    Today we had a nice team practice where we went through some gymnastic drills for about 30mins which hopefully translated into the Bar muscle ups later in the WODs. I think most of the athletes got some good queues for prepping before each session of pull-ups, toes to bar etc. A: This entire series 3 […]

Feels like training

Almost three weeks after Solid Open now and still somewhat hurt in the shoulder. The weekend in Stavanger at Invictus camp was really nice but was not really part of my rehab plan Continuing working on my technique and very slowly increasing weights using no belt, hopefully building the foundation better this time. Session one […]

Rebuilding the inner Gorilla

  Photo shot by Eva-Mari Thomas Have not talked about Solid Open at all. I was a bit nervous about the comp since I still am in rehab-mode, had not lifted anything real heavy (besides a triple trap bar dl at 190kg) in ages. The comp as well included a 800m dash which was a nightmare to […]