Five months of smartness

Status: Pretty good sleep even though both kids basically lied on top of me. Had to sing for them in the middle of the night due to nightmares. It did not sound that awesome I assure you Just counted the months I have been ”deloading” or finally decided that my hip is fucked for life and […]

Things fall into place

This have been a pretty hectic week as always. I have two big projects running side by side now. BoxPeak and building a gym (CF box), the upcoming home of Måndagsklubben CrossFit Falun. Anna Mugelli is now working together with me and and works with customer relations so I can focus on continuing building a […]

Torso Twisted

Status: Feeling pretty ok now on day three but I surely was sore the day after. AKA getting pretty horny again. Some takehomes from the weekend The comp was executed with precision, very low delays and when they occurred they got back on track Better rig than last year (even though it was slippery as […]