Way too hard

Status: Emma woke up at 5. Go figure, my coffee needed coffee. Figured that I would create a conditioning session that suited my mancold. I was wrong. But first some OL. A: Clean + Jerk no belt. Up to 115kg then my feet didn’t want to play. Had to use my high heels since all […]

Mancold vs high reps

Status: Got a good 9 hour sleep. So needed.  Still destroyed by Saturdays team training. Hams and back have the worst DOMS ever. High rep, high speed Muscle Snatch is very potent! Still got some virus in my system. Typically November. Can’t turn on the engine so until that is solved I think I will […]

Howto turn Joakim from good to great

Status: No sleep + mancold => FUCKED Had en epiphany last week when Joakim did Heavy Fran in training. His time was far worse than Angelicas even though the Thrusters are easy as hell for him. How can this be? He is very aerobic and pretty powerful but he lacks anaerobic endurance by nature He […]

Testing the moderate rep strategy

Status: Kid management during the night. Was awake btw 01:30AM – 3AM. No amount of coffee will get my mood up today. So the off season comp season is over. Funny term huh It means. No more comps until the Open starts which feels great. Lets just train. Yesterday I should perhaps have taken a day […]

Roslagen Open summary

Had a blast this weekend at Roslagen Open with the Måndagsklubben crew. 2 teams and a bunch of individuals. I am happy with the performances overall. Of course angry about myself and that my grip still sucks but that is another discussion. Happy that some of the new faces in my team HTFU overdelivered.   Happy […]

The struggle

Status: Tired but happy. Not horny though. Hopefully horny closing up to the weekend. Scrolled through my youtube channel the other day. Loads of fun but also loads of disapointment appearing about my current strength levels. Two years ago 19x145kg back squat. Three years ago 1x200kg. Two years ago I did Snatch pulls with 120-130kg […]

Big warning sign

Status: Feeling smoked / low on power right when I woke up. Not horny at all. So today we had team practice where we did Jerks up to heavy single. Actually some went for 1RM. 120kg felt heavy and I could almost not unrack 130kg. Tried it three times but felt no confidence at all. […]

Swole and sexy

Status: Sexy as fuck Ha well not really. Feeling like a bloated seal after the club feast this weekend. Had two good days at CrossFit Solid with some lifting and laughter. I feel that even though the weights are just a shadow of my true potential I am getting hungry for more again which is […]