Highee bodyfat than Lanner

Status: Close to catastrophic. Did a weigh in this morning with Rikard. 97.2kg morning weight. Lanner 97.4kg. He is taller and stronger than me > my bf is skytocketing. No banana pancakes until scales show 96kg. Today was upper body day A: Paralette hspu B: Pronated CTB C: Press behind neck D: Supinated CTB E: […]

I won a workout 

Status: Good AM session A: Hang snatch double up to 90kg. 100kg fail B: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for time of: Burpee to plate CTB Thrusters 50kg/35kg TTB Between every round 2 muscle ups 5 OHS 50kg/35kg Timecapped it to 30mins. Finished in 28:30. Lanner had his own timecap at 20min. These TTP guys zzzzzzz  

Cant handle my own program

Programmed a version of 12 days of Christmas for todays training in Phuket Thailand. 1 Squat Clean 100kg/70kg 2 Muscle Ups 3 Power Snatch 70kg/50kg 4 Deficit HSPU 20cm/12cm 5 Power Clean and Jerk 70kg/50kg 6 TTB 7 Deadlift 100kg/70kg 8 CTB 9 Thrusters 70kg/50kg 10 burpee box jumps 60cm/50cm 11m Front racked lunges 70kg/50kg […]

To die for

Status: Good but I miss my girls so much. Everytime I get alone my thoughts stray away to them. In time all will be good. The days here are really soft. Yesterday we had a double training session with gymnastics at AM and some 30min easy conditioning after sundown. Today we are performing the Gorillas […]

Eat train eat

Pretty much the only thing we do here in Phuket is training, tanning and eating ☺️ Chalong is great, 15min moped drive from Kata beach etc and like a 4th of the price on everything here. Easy life 💪 Yesterday a harsh double session totally fucked up today so today just some paralette hspu, core […]

Succeed over and over

A few months back I made some decisions which ultimately will lead to that I finally will walk the path that have been calling for me for some years. From 2006 to 2011 me and Mikael Svärd (and of course with the help of a super crew) built a superstar company called Tailsweep. Our initial purpose with […]


Status:  High on life! Yesterday was smoked by waking up at 04:30. Got shitloads of work done still but decided to skip training. I am getting better and better at skipping training and when I train I try to go a bit harder. So today I decided to only perform conditioning today to get the […]

Pretty bizarre team training

Status:  Today a lot better, even a bit horny and hungry on life. Probably due to that my girls have been like magic today. Full of joy the entire day. Yesterday however was a disaster. Got some good back therapy late Thursday by Catta and with the added stress of the Trap bar on Friday […]

Me and the masters machine

Status: Woke up in the middle of the night and was… horny. Tired and happy today 😉 Short workout today since I didn’t want to stress the shoulders due to the amount of kipping yesterday. Trap bar deadlift aka ”the masters machine” the exercise all wounded heroes in Falun get prescribed. So today was the last day […]