Close to quit

Status: Fuck yeah! Today training was fun. I remembered why I love this sport. Mon/Tue probably was a seasonal low mark. So close to throwing in the towel. No joy. Felt bad at every movement. But today was a good day Feelings are so weird.   

The Box

    Been sketching the setup for the new Box in Falun for some days now. I am so excited to finally be at this stage. Business case done. Agreement with the landlord close to be done. Offers from equipment suppliers done and under discussion. It looks like we are choosing Eleiko for most of the setup […]

Unhealthy relationship

Status: Good! Not so hungry but Horny. Some time ago a friend told Angelica ”Looks like you have an unhealthy relationship with Marcus”. At first sight I liked her, walking into our gym with her bossy attitude and long hair. Yeah I sure liked her looks and appearance. We pretty much immediately started to wrestle, training together […]

When you know you are doing it right

We are in a pretty dramatic period of the business right now. Anna is meeting new clients and making proposals like crazy making me busy. Even during my vacation in Thailand over the holidays business kept rolling in. I really like helping clients getting started and hope they feel my effort. Next up in a few […]

Shopping killed me

Status: Destroyed Yesterday we had a very relaxed day on Coral Island. We took a tail boat in the morning and stayed all day. In the evening Angelica dragged me across the night market close to Phuket Town in a pace close to RPE 8 Lost more water weight in those hours than during a […]

Bodyweight snatching

Status: So good Due to a late new years eve we took a rest day yesterday with just some Sots presses and mobility. Today the feeling is way better so I programmed some heavy snatches. AM session A: Hang Snatch – HS 90-95-100-105F, 85-95-102.5-105F 102.5 felt sooo easy.  B: Conditioning 15 muscle ups 50 wb […]