Ditching the Open

So been trying to stand on one leg for a few weeks without sagging. Then 16.1 happened. It was obvious that my fitness levels are way out of bounds to perform lunges safely. My legs were everywhere and the 40kg felt like ”heavy singles”. My right knee hurt like hell from 3mins and onward. I […]

So stupid it might be brilliant

Been sick for a few days. Today some hunger returned but no time to properly warmup so built in the warmup in the workout. EMOM til fail 1: 3 KBS 24kg+ 3 burpees 2: same 3: same 4-6: 4+4 7-9: 5+5 … Finished the 10-10-10 (24mins) with 5s left and decided to finish since Wilma […]

Will Ian Houghton cope?

The last year I have tried to address the root causes of my left hip issues. I feel I had some success in nailing down the causes with help of Erik Börjesson, Einar Svindland, Anna Jonasson and a few more but I have not really found a way of truly healing me. Been lurking in […]