Nothing compares to CrossFit

Status: Smoked Most of my conditioning consists of Assault Bike and rowing intervals as of current. However on every Saturday I perform a ”no harm” sport specific piece. Yesterday I created a Regionals inspired piece. 20min AMRAP 2 Rope Climbs 4.5m 4 Parallette HSPU 10cm EROM 12 KB Snatch 32kg (6 per arm). It became […]

Back on some OL

Status: Two days of education includes some sitting and car driving => hips sore. But overall good! Pretty happy about being back on the platform lifting some weights. Today some Snatch High Pulls and Muscle Snatch. Nothing fancy but feels great to actually pulling with some speed not just hypertrophy and #mongofitness. Session ended with a nasty […]

Rope rope oh rope

Status: DOMS – Tris, Lats, Biceps, even lower back WTF. Yesterday I did a variant of the infamous Hero-WOD ”RJ”: 5 rounds of 50 cals row 5 Rope climbs 4.5m 50 Pushups It took 38mins 50s. Perfect ”Master-WOD” as in just aerobic and upper body. However 250 cals Row seemed to fuck my back up […]