Fat burn

Status: Smoked Felt great to have a ”no demands” workout planned for today. I did a Lanner Classic. 75min of Jogging, rowing and biking. Tried to stay in Zone 1 & Zone 2 but after 45mins it started to get boring so I accidentally dipped into Zone 3 a few times. This kind of training is […]

Threshold training at 100% of MHR

Status: Better than expected after so many days of sitting, coaching, traveling etc. Session 1: Back to the grind with slow eccentric pulls and Bulgarians. Feeling stronger than ever though! Session 2: Assault Bike intervals 4 x 5/1 a.k.a Lactic Threshold training intervals. Bested last week with 3 cals (353) but got up to a whopping 190 […]