Red session

Status: 6 hours of sleep. Very unhorny. Body is good, getting off nsaids today so hopefully it will continue to be good. Perfect day for just a raw aerobic piece.  A: Ians movement piece. B:  9 x 45/15 Assault Bike Rest 3mins 9 x 45/15 Assault Bike 136 cals in block 1 and 143 cals […]

Relying on fuckups

Status: Pretty good today! Had a disastrous fever two days ago but it has now left me. Back in training again. One week prior to the Open 2016 started one of our ”star” players hurt her knee badly in a WL comp. It looked like the season was over for our team since our team […]

Six days with Ian

Status: A bit sore in my hip, prob from bulgarians yesterday + volune over hip with deadlift. Nothing problematic though. Day six on SHPs program and 7 or 8th mob session in 6 days. Squatting below paralell without shoes and cold. I can’t believe this ever have happened before. It surprises me every evening that […]

Celebrate with Mördarbacken

Status: Awesome Session 1 Mob + Functional strength.  Among one of the things. 10 min tgu as slow as possible is no joke! Did some rope climbs and hswalks. 17-20m in 20s emom x 5 for instance. Getting back in shape in hswalk after a long period without. Even though I suck at the Rope […]

Evolve and Peak

Status: Awesome, horny as fuck. This weekend Ian Houghton was done with the first monthly program for me. It’s going to be a shit load of mobiity prepping and the actual strength work as well is mobility (stability) based. Exactly what I need. Mobility and stability in a monitored progression manner. I am great at performing […]

So stupid it might be brilliant

Been sick for a few days. Today some hunger returned but no time to properly warmup so built in the warmup in the workout. EMOM til fail 1: 3 KBS 24kg+ 3 burpees 2: same 3: same 4-6: 4+4 7-9: 5+5 … Finished the 10-10-10 (24mins) with 5s left and decided to finish since Wilma […]

Will Ian Houghton cope?

The last year I have tried to address the root causes of my left hip issues. I feel I had some success in nailing down the causes with help of Erik Börjesson, Einar Svindland, Anna Jonasson and a few more but I have not really found a way of truly healing me. Been lurking in […]

Close to quit

Status: Fuck yeah! Today training was fun. I remembered why I love this sport. Mon/Tue probably was a seasonal low mark. So close to throwing in the towel. No joy. Felt bad at every movement. But today was a good day Feelings are so weird.   

Unhealthy relationship

Status: Good! Not so hungry but Horny. Some time ago a friend told Angelica ”Looks like you have an unhealthy relationship with Marcus”. At first sight I liked her, walking into our gym with her bossy attitude and long hair. Yeah I sure liked her looks and appearance. We pretty much immediately started to wrestle, training together […]

Shopping killed me

Status: Destroyed Yesterday we had a very relaxed day on Coral Island. We took a tail boat in the morning and stayed all day. In the evening Angelica dragged me across the night market close to Phuket Town in a pace close to RPE 8 Lost more water weight in those hours than during a […]