Bodyweight snatching

Status: So good

Due to a late new years eve we took a rest day yesterday with just some Sots presses and mobility.

Today the feeling is way better so I programmed some heavy snatches.

AM session

A: Hang Snatch – HS 90-95-100-105F, 85-95-102.5-105F

102.5 felt sooo easy. 

B: Conditioning

  • 15 muscle ups
  • 50 wb
  • 100 dubs
  • 45 ctb
  • 50 wb
  • 100 dubs
  • 45 ttb
  • 50 wb
  • 100 dubs

Did 50 ctb and ttb. Cant count. Long easy piece finished in 27min. RPE 7-7.5 maybe.

Soon a PM session with Squat n pull

We are traveling home in a few days. I really miss my girls, they would have loved this.



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