Unhealthy relationship

Status: Good! Not so hungry but Horny.

Some time ago a friend told Angelica ”Looks like you have an unhealthy relationship with Marcus”.

At first sight I liked her, walking into our gym with her bossy attitude and long hair. Yeah I sure liked her looks and appearance. We pretty much immediately started to wrestle, training together and just having fun laughing everyday. If you laugh everyday it’s pretty easy to seriously fell in love I guess. We still laugh everyday and I think that could be one of the best foundations for something lasting.

Someone told me ”Instagram does not lie”. Well I guess thats true and if you go back you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out that we would get together.

I am her coach and she is my athlete and oh lord these roles are tested. As long as we respect eachother areas we will get along fine. Or more like the truth is…. As long as I can improve her Snatch -insert pun here- she will stay with me…

In two weeks we are moving together starting the road to a family. My kids love her and through this time I have seen how much she loves kids and how good she is with them.

It’s pretty scary but I am excited for what the future will bring <3



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