(Hip) Pain free at last

Status: Horny n awesome! Attended a 3d-traning related course the last weekend. The first 5mins was worth the money. Hans just went through a little restore sequence on the P9-mat and I felt great afterwards. The next day I started to implement the same routine 2-4 times a day. And whenever I felt stiff from walking, […]

Priorities set straight

7 weeks since we launched the gym. Most urgent matters are now handled. Time to move up my other businesses and clients on the priority list. Even though I work hard on everything I do the day has 24 hours. It is obvious that the thing you give the most attention will bloom. For instance I put myself […]

Building a decent business

The Box finally is ready and we have been open for a little more than a week now. The response have been over my expectations. However I tend to do business models a bit gloomy. I have a vision of creating a place for everyone and I mean everyone. From elite to kids to seniors to […]

Fat burn

Status: Smoked Felt great to have a ”no demands” workout planned for today. I did a Lanner Classic. 75min of Jogging, rowing and biking. Tried to stay in Zone 1 & Zone 2 but after 45mins it started to get boring so I accidentally dipped into Zone 3 a few times. This kind of training is […]

Threshold training at 100% of MHR

Status: Better than expected after so many days of sitting, coaching, traveling etc. Session 1: Back to the grind with slow eccentric pulls and Bulgarians. Feeling stronger than ever though! Session 2: Assault Bike intervals 4 x 5/1 a.k.a Lactic Threshold training intervals. Bested last week with 3 cals (353) but got up to a whopping 190 […]

Nothing compares to CrossFit

Status: Smoked Most of my conditioning consists of Assault Bike and rowing intervals as of current. However on every Saturday I perform a ”no harm” sport specific piece. Yesterday I created a Regionals inspired piece. 20min AMRAP 2 Rope Climbs 4.5m 4 Parallette HSPU 10cm EROM 12 KB Snatch 32kg (6 per arm). It became […]

Back on some OL

Status: Two days of education includes some sitting and car driving => hips sore. But overall good! Pretty happy about being back on the platform lifting some weights. Today some Snatch High Pulls and Muscle Snatch. Nothing fancy but feels great to actually pulling with some speed not just hypertrophy and #mongofitness. Session ended with a nasty […]

Rope rope oh rope

Status: DOMS – Tris, Lats, Biceps, even lower back WTF. Yesterday I did a variant of the infamous Hero-WOD ”RJ”: 5 rounds of 50 cals row 5 Rope climbs 4.5m 50 Pushups It took 38mins 50s. Perfect ”Master-WOD” as in just aerobic and upper body. However 250 cals Row seemed to fuck my back up […]

Females and numbers

Status: Emma woke up at 5:20 with nightmares. Not so horny today. Did a Lactate Threshold test on the Assault Bike with Angelica. We warmed up at about 70% of vVO2max (300W) then immediately started a 20min for average wattage. After a few mins my heart really started to pound and I breathed heavily. I […]