When you know you are doing it right

We are in a pretty dramatic period of the business right now. Anna is meeting new clients and making proposals like crazy making me busy. Even during my vacation in Thailand over the holidays business kept rolling in. I really like helping clients getting started and hope they feel my effort. Next up in a few weeks is Viktor & Marcus new box CrossFit Prestanda.

I got approached by a competitor to BoxPeak that wants us to do a joint venture instead of competing. He did some stupid assumptions, had not done his homework, made me angry. You all probably know what this means. Sorry Joe, bad move.

Yesterday I launched Boxilla – GorillaFitness in a box. I think this is going to be a success, for a simple reason. I enjoy doing the programming. Whatever I enjoy doing I spend time on and things I spend time on gets great. Sebastian Larsson of Skellefteå CF is my current proxy in crime and is the first guinea pig of the program. ”Looks so fun that I think I will do Boxilla programming instead of Foundation”. I dunno if that really is good for my business though 😉

The training side is going forward. The team though seem to have missed me. I got a feeling that they are in need of a bit coordination and structure. Or I guess they just have missed my beautiful appearance and encouraging compliments.

Yesterday I did not feel that heavy anymore, even though my body feels that I have not really been training on a high intensity for three weeks. Rowing + WallBalls => metabolic panic :)

This morning I weighed in on 93.2kg so I have lost 5kg in 5 days hahaha. The water weight when I go abroad is real! This Saturday I lost a parallette HSPU battle against Joakim, Vilagi AND Karl-Oskar, basically EVERYONE. So in two weeks I have lost in a movement which is my strength. Well. Lets retest with my _real_ bodyweight 😉


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