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Been sketching the setup for the new Box in Falun for some days now. I am so excited to finally be at this stage. Business case done. Agreement with the landlord close to be done. Offers from equipment suppliers done and under discussion. It looks like we are choosing Eleiko for most of the setup but we are not there yet.

The location is pretty good with easy access to the main road to our neighbouring town Borlänge and easy access to the center of our town. The nr of parking lots should be sufficient. Dressing rooms will be good. There are two floors and on the top floor I I will have my office and a conference room. Probably there is a space for a therapist as well. This space is GREAT if you want to first have a theory session in the conference room and then practice on the floor. We really had workshops in mind when we searched for this facility.

We will have three class areas.

  1. The classic class setting which is to the left in screen, that space as well is designed for competitions. It is a bit too large for a single class but heck who ever complained about having too much space?
  2. Open Gym which is to the right
  3. Lifting space up to the right

By creating these areas we hope the flow will be as natural as possible. Class members fetches their equipment from the vicinity of their space and OG from their space so the clash between the groups is as minimal as possible. If either group run out of equipment well then you need to fetch it from across the room but I think we will be a bit over stacked.

You enter to the dressing rooms where we will have the community area and staging for class. I think that as well will be the place for a room for the kids.

We will have different memberships based on the demographies we already have of the Måndagsklubben members. It is too early to post the actual details about them but we are talking about

  • Måndagsklubben All-in
  • Måndagsklubben Classic
  • Competitor
  • Student

And so forth. We will make the space available for renting as well and we expect to see many local sports clubs be frequent visitors at this facility

Fucking awesome is an understatement




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