Today marks the day of three weeks without hip pain. On my birthday. Awesome. I notice that as soon as the pain gets out of the system the motivation to train increases and new goals get set. Talked yesterday with Angelica about competitions next year and I look forward getting back on the field. Shit. I turn 40 next year. Most people don’t really look forward to that but as a competitor I really do. Last time I competed as an individual with the big Kahunas was at Regionals 2013 and it was obvious that the field started to change that year. Could no longer keep up with the young guns. Even though I actually beat my Padawan at the time Lukas Högberg and finished as the best Swede I lost my motivation there. I do not like to stand outside of the podium or having the feeling of a shot at it.

My primary focus is to be completely pain free at the 1st of March 2017 and from there ramp up the performance parameters. Secondary focus is to work on strength weaknesses (that word combination hah!). Third focus is to continue to improve the aerobic power.

Like… So … I do train… Yesterday I did a nasty fucker

25min AMRAP

  • 4 Bar MU
  • 8m Front racked walking lunges 32kg
  • 8 KB Snatch 32kg
  • 8m Front racked walking lunges 32kg

Every 5min row 25 cals

The lunges almost killed me BUT I could perform them without any pain and that is absolutely fantastic! Even though I rested like 30s between every movement it felt good!

Two days ago

5 RFT of

  • 20 cals of row
  • 20 cals of Ski
  • 20 cals of AB

+8mins at over 180 HR, 15mins over 170 (basically the entire workout over 90% of MHR = vo2max training) and finished at 99% of MHR…. That one was not fun but feels great to PUSH!. Need to increase my Zone 1 training. I train far too often in Zone 5 vs Zone 1.



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