3D-training why ?


Initial contact with 3d

Five years ago at Regionals 2011, Bolton, Manchester James Jowsey tried to remove some issues I had after the Run-HSPU-Row event and prep me for the Clean Thruster Event. He said ”no stretching” and took me through a series that for me at the time felt like pretty bizarre lunges. I had no clue about why the fuck I was doing these things prior to the event, I just wanted to stretch out that hip to be able to Clean properly. It is fair to say that I did not believe that he did have a clue either. I however managed to perform good in the following event much thanks to Mr Jowseys preparation.

That was my first contact with 3d-training and Gray Institute.  In the following years James visited Stockholm and was bookable for treatment at CrossFit Nordic. I myself had some sessions booked but sadly had to cancel them. However I noticed all the ”dance” sequences he created for various clients that are friends of mine. The problem as I now see it is that we all in the industry called it dance. We did not really take what he did seriously. A common denomitator is that we did not understand and had no knowledge about why he created the sequences that he did, what kind of thought process that lied behind. Now we know that he successfully helps a ton of CrossFitters in UK. He got traction over there so I guess that’s why he stopped coming over. I am bit sad that it took me five years to understand that the ”cure” to my future mess lied right in front of me. Ignorance. Not cool.

I meet James every year at Regionals, when we are not drunk we meet at the athletes corner as coaches. I have been watching him, his prep methods and have been interested in his ways for many years. But from a distance. Gray Institute is bullshit remember. Just dancing. Which is funny since I believe most of us coaches have been inspired from movements with base in GI without knowing it. I remember Jamis ”27 squats” from… 2012? We all did those.


3dfunktion emerges in Sweden and gets huge traction. At about the same time Ian Houghton interviewed me among other coaches for highly talented people in the sport of fitness about my thought process in coaching / programming. I liked the way he reasoned during the interview and I started to follow him on instagram watching the exercises he published. Testing them. Liked them. Felt a difference.

Angelica talked about 3dfunktion for six months before she decided to attend module one ”the ankle”. I was very negative. She came home full of ideas and I pretty much bashed her about it. ”Dorsiflexion, supination, pronation” nothing new under the sun. She did her best in trying to apply techniques on my foot but I was pretty much shutdown. I was not open so guess I did not really allow her to help me. She had no strategy to apply when the methods did not work. What I now realize is that she only needed experience and knowledge since my ankle _can_ indeed be improved with 3d-training and with the same methods she used just some other strategies and sequences.

Getting a coach.

However she at least made me interested so I attended module one myself. I had low expectations when attending but went home glad that I did attend. A few weeks after the clinic I terrorized Ian into taking me on as a client. First time since I was 18 that I had a proper coach. I am as most of you know a bit of a smartass and knowitall making it very hard to coach me. I have a bit too much knowledge as well making it a challenge for me to give in and rely on someone else.

We have probably texted so much that it makes the imessage history between me and Viktor seem like a tiny novel. Finally I started to learn stuff again and I really like this process. Broadening my perspective. I will from now on til I die always try to have a mentor or someone a bit 3rd party to bounce ideas with.

With Ian In six months I have gone from not being able to walk without pain to being able to walk with my kids downtown, farmers walking, squatting up to 110kg without knee protection etc. Today i did about 450m of shuttle runs. Meanwhile being able to pull a 230kg deadlift (with no deadlift training). A pretty big step forward.

My program states some very clear goals.

1st of Jan 2017: Pain free

1st of March 2017: Squat without knee protection 100kg x 10 x 10sets.

Spring 2018 – Qualify for crossfit games masters.

Pretty simple huh? It’s not. You know the road from A to B that should be a straight line? It truly is a roller coaster and we have needed to reevaluate many times already along the way and we are just heading towards the first goal.

Achieving the first goal however is the only way to be able to achieve the last goal. The last one is hard as it is with a non injured body and an athlete with raw talent. I dunno if I have that but I have the will.

So do I only do 3d-training? No hell no but I PREPARE for the exercise given with a lot of 3d-training and I use 3d-training as ”in between session training”. For snatches I make sure my hip flexion, extension, abduction, adduction etc is on par or I might get hurt.

People are ignorant

Friends of mine. Athletes of mine. Athletes all around laugh or smirk at 3d-training since they think it is bullshit and looks silly and something that looks silly cannot have potential?

”This training method is also 3d since it works in 3 planes” is something I hear quite often. Well of course! Basically all compound movements occurs in 3 planes. The difference is not the movement itself but the reasoning behind. ”We found that this client lacks right lateral flexion so therefor we incorporate more lateral flexion in the workouts”. Very simple and rational. So what you see on instagram is _not_ the whole picture. 3d-training is the assessment, analysis AND methods that are applied. And it requires very good coaching to be effective. I have my coach. I am a coach. Do you got a good coach? Does your coach look at your movements?

I am a wiz at anatomy

Yeah but are you a wiz at movement and understands the effect of movement? Take your degree and apply all your knowhow on this system and I bet you will become fucking brilliant. ”3d for doctors” would be pretty awesome.

It looks silly

However… Hands down. It looks pretty silly especially when performed by someone that lacks power. No one can say that it looks cool or not at least as cool as Ido Portal stuff or FRC. But the potential is there. It is undeniable. Just perform 5mins of my warmup and you will nod. ”it feels great”. Perform half of my hip internal rotation routine and two days after you come back and say ”SHIT MY ASS IS ON FIRE” and you will acknowledge that you can build a serious butt meanwhile improving your flaws.

The first sessions with Ian I felt like an idiot but when you feel that your body gets out of pain and you are able to move again your mind takes another journey. You start to believe in the process. Why would I stick with this training for over six months if I did not think it worked? I would never ever stick to a program for six months just for the heck of it. I might not be stronger today than six months ago but I am more healthy enabling me to train better and hell… I can play with my kids again. ”I cannot play football since my hip hurt…” not cool.

So what I truly have learned in the process in healing is that you shall avoid pain at all costs. Especially since an RPP of 2 for athletes is an RPP of.. +6 for a more regular client… Meaning that if your athlete says _anything_ about pain you should stop everything you are doing and instantly modify the program or the athlete will break in time. I have learned this with my own athletes too many times. Especially since a motto of mine is HardenTheFuckUp. Which I still believe in just use it when appropriate, not when you are feeling a bone to bone joint pain.

So why do coaches and athletes in the sport of fitness need this system?

You got a coach right? Does your coach help you with _how_ you move? Does your coach prep you for your muscle ups? I sure myself can get better at this and I truly think the potential in getting someone from good to great lies in the preparation process. The gymnasts prep for up to one hour for their workouts, sweat pouring, no injuries allowed due to poor preparation. Why should we think different? 10 Air Squats, 10x60kg, 5x100kg, 5x150kg, 5x180kg PR. Next movement….

Nomenclature: speaking the same language which I think is fundamental. There is a reason why we use Latin in anatomy bridging language gaps

Using principles as base of strategies and methods not only methods.

It’s easy to perform the movements. ”Universally scalable”, just take a shorter step, decrease ROM in the squat, lessen the angle etc

Too many nerds in the game. We need more ”normal” coaches. People from the S&C scene. These people need to speak a common language. Using same principles.

Getting athletes themselves to think ”OK so I lack some IR in my right hip, what would happen if I rotate a bit to the right in my Bulgarian split squats” or… ”Hmm I lack right IR what happens if I rotate my right foot inwards while keeping my pelvis straight in this deadlift?” Enabling athletes and coaches to think about movement and what impact a particular movement have is some of the biggest drivers of this system.

The P9-mat

Movements on the mat looks silly right? Well the mat is a great tool to

1) communicate with your client.

2) A great visual tool for yourself as an athlete.

It really is simple as that. ”Drive your ankle 45 degrees to the right”. And you have a little 45 deg marker in the corner to aim at. Nothing magical at all. Just easy to screen / instruct your client and easy for the client to apply the program.

And here I am


Five years later and here I am becoming what I laughed at. Funny what knowledge can do, going from ignorant to informed.

I think this system will evolve into something really big and I want to be a part of it.









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