Day one at Roslagen Open – thoughts



Yesterday we arrived at Roslagen open. Went through the check-in in like zero seconds still we hung around for an hour. Angelica as always got stuck waiting for me chatting and being friendly with the organizers. Went to the hotel and I snuck out for a mcdonalds burger. In 10mins from when I left I got a text that I needed to be at the hotel ASAP. Finished my burger in less than 30s. Came to the hotel and she was pretty down, her left leg cramping like shit. Taking a step made it cramp. She overloaded it three days ago probably since she put more weight on it due to the knee injury.

After like two hours of manual therapy, flossing etc we gave up and went to bed.

In the morning she was a bit better, we did some easy therapy and flossing again. Just trying to get some circulation going. Me personally think that this as well was a mental beast. She had not competed in a year and was forced to perform a run as her first event after the injury. 1.5k ”ice trail run”. Anyway went to the arena and met up with the crew. All very nervous which is understood since running is not a first priority in their programs and they lack a history of great running. Open nor Regionals does test ”real” running remember.

Just a few mins before the ladies was about to start she came rushing  ”I cant run, my leg is cramping”. We dived down on the floor and did some panic therapy for 5mins. It looks like it worked.

Angelica and Lovisa performed better than expected placing better than mid field. Joakim fell a bit more behind than my expectations and Viktor about expected. 100p pretty much lost.

Then the skill mill (2.1) Angelica just went smooth through the thing placing 2nd. Lovisa did a fantastic job in winning the first 20meters. The last 80meters not so much. She was over 700W. Joakim did about the same. I bet that these two who live together betted before the event who could redline the most. Sadly this impacted the following events that laid back to back so even though they placed decent in the sled they fell back in the following. Viktor surprisingly came 2nd in the sled!

Angelica continued to smash 2.2 and 2.3 finishing 2nd and 1st again.

Event 3 The Rope climb & Clean ladder

Angelica kept a steady pace and won the shebang. She proved to be great at the rope and fastest on the field in loading plates which in CrossFit is an important aspect believe it or not. Lovisa did great and came 3rd. She also kept a steady pace and where competition decreased pace her relative pace improved!

Viktor smashed their legless counterpart. Joakim started too slow imo looking from the sideline but as the race went on he increased pace. If the workout had been 12mins I think he would have finished 3rd or such. He came 6th, a very tight race for 4-7 placing. I think he did good since it looked like he did rational decisions, kept a plan and I like that. However like always we need to have him going hotter out of the gates. I think he will climb further tomorrow and close in on the podium. He started the day at 29th and is now 11th. Decent still.

About the competition – my thoughts.

Great setup – best in Sweden?

Great atmosphere

Great food!!

Great that they keep schedule

Great attitude from all the staff. So friendly!

A really great day all in all, think I smiled a thousand times!

To the improvements. 

Back at the hotel room and reflecting the day.

Never test single modality in a ”small” competition. You just do not have the luxury of that. Always couple modalities to test more in one shebang. Even though I do like testing heavy stuff you should test those things in a manner like the Rope/Clean event so you get more out of the event.


  • 100p for running
  • 50p for 100m sled push (2min all out effort)
  • 50p for a 5min ”crossfit” workout
  • 50p for ”Grace.
  • Tomorrow I suspect 100p for a weighted pull-up.


I understand that 2.1 to 2.3 is considered from the staff perspective to be ”one” event but in reality it was three events. Especially for the females and it should be rewarded accordingly.

Example of improvements

In a 12min timecap

  • 1.5k run
  • AMRAP time left up to 12mins Clean and Jerk 70kg/45kg

Testing a lot more in 100p. I reckon though logistics is a hard mare to tame.

I also realize that it is very very hard to create a satisfactory programming. I like the events. Great balance so far but still. Pretty big room for improvement.

See ya all tomorrow!








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