Running out of pain


Status: Tired but feeling good.

I think we are in week 10 with no or low hip pain now. So I thought we need to test what I am able to do now. Yesterday was a great tester of my lower body status and I am happy that I slept good and felt no pain during the evening, night or today. So what did we do?

20 sets of 30s / 30s sled pulls fwd, backwd and to the side. About 600m with the 75kg sled, no joke.

5 x 2min /4min  shuttle runs (jogs). God I suck at this but at least kept Angelica behind. She got someone to chase and I wanted to take it easy. ”Running from Angelica would be like zone 1 training” was what I was thinking. In reality every interval ended at Zone 5.

Finished the session with lactic threshold work.

3 x 5min / 1 off 30 cals Rowing, 25 cals Biking, 20 cals Skiing – Fuck this was hard with all the work done before. I was at 330 watts on the bike. Basically just laughed when I started the first interval. Strangely the rowing and skiiing was on point but just got no quads left.

I was sore after this and on a severe calorie deficit for the whole day. I felt like I would pass out any second in session 2 so I aborted it early. No point in training on that low energy levels.

Side Lunges 20kg x 10 x 5set

Bulgarian Split Squat IR-focused 40kg x 10 x 3set

IR Squat 55kg x 10 x 3sets

Diagonal Lunges 20kg x 2sets (here my energy for the day was gone)

IR low cable pull 10-15 x 2sets

ER low cable pull 10-15 x 2sets

Oh yes I have ASS DOMS today!

Then I went on eating all I could see (all the barebell bars for instance) while watching the other gorillaz smash out the grip finisher for the day.

Today is another day in the Sport of fitness paradise!


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