Road to the games finally starts


Open 2017 is over. This marks a year with Ian Houghton as coach. Ian signed up for two years coaching me towards getting in shape for Open 2018 and the masters 40-44 competition. One year ago I could barely walk. Now I run. I can squat without sleeping on pain killers. Time to start practicing the sport of fitness again. I’ve increased my base capacity a lot this year a lot thanks to 18 weeks of biking/rowing which almost killed us who got through it. There have been a lot of burpees and if looking at the Open results I did best in 17.1. Previously this should have been my absolutely worst workout of them all and the Snatch workout my best.

With that in mind I just signed up for the Open to feel the workouts again. In 17.4 I got a bit sad though when my shoulders gave in already on the wall balls. Even though my work capacity is better my local muscle endurance now totally suck :) After 30 wall balls I felt that I was already fatigued. That workout made me outline some progression goals. Getting back up to 23 strict HSPU in a few months and up to 30 in the end of October is the goal. From 25 CTB to 40. From 13 to 20 Muscle-ups and so forth. I think it can be done.

I am in good company with my mates at Måndagsklubben. Common purpose and goal.

On Monday it begins!

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