Keeping it simple


I turn 40 in October. All I think about is next years season.

My program is In week 7 out of 48 heading towards the 2018 season. Things are moving pretty well. On par with my prescribed weights and overall performance.

The program me and Ian have designed is extremely simple. Five weeks of strength focus followed by seven weeks of conditioning focus. Just reiterate the cycles until the last two cycles which solely will be Open prep.

Each strength cycle finishes with a max Snatch, each conditioning cycle finishes with three open workouts. Alternating every other week EASY vs HARD to enable me to recover.

Every session is geared towards improving the test for the cycle (and the end goal). Squatting twice a week, pressing three times a week. Shoulder and grip endurance is of highest priority. Keeping the strength parts short, focus on having energy left for the conditioning.

Example of an easy session

4 rounds of

  • Any kind of very easy squatting movement (for mobility/prep)
  • A power movement
  • An upper body push movement
  • An upper body pull movement

4 rounds of a similar block but this time with less stable stuff, dumbbells, rings etc

  • Any kind of very easy squatting movement (for mobility/prep)
  • A power movement
  • An upper body push movement
  • An upper body pull movement


8 rounds of

  • 40s Assault Bike
  • 20s rest
  • 40s Treadmill run
  • 20s rest
  • 40s row
  • 20s rest
  • 40s Ski-Erg
  • 20 rest

This is what I consider an easy session since it is easy to my body. It is NOT easy conditioning wise. A hard session would be

3min AMRAP

  • 9 Thrusters 42,5kg
  • 9 CTB

6min rest x 4sets

That shit takes a toll on the system.

My program is very linear with a progression of 25% in 48 weeks or 0,5% every week. Since I had that kind of fitness a few years ago I think it can be done. If I had to establish 25% of NEW fitness it would be a mission impossible. Ian warns me that this program is very hard. Well my ambitions are high.

Facebook reminds me every day about my old fitness. Three years ago I snatched 110, pulled 250, ran 3k in 12mins and did Fran in about 2:20 at a bodyweight of 87kg. I was in decent shape then for a +35 master. Why the fuck did they not release the +35 category back then huh?

Lanner asked me the other week. ”But why do you want to pursue this goal?”. It’s a reasonable question. People around me probably have thought more than once ”why the fuck does he continue when he is in such pain?”.

The answer is pretty simple.

I am not in pain anymore at least not a severe one which enables me to push the envelope. I want to beat my own expectations. I want to prove to myself that I can set a goal and pursue it.

Today I feel great and I have been feeling great for some time!

Upwards and onwards


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