Simplest programming in the history of fitness


Status: Feeling pretty awesome!

After a year or of getting back into some shape to being able to start train again I created an annual plan with some set goals for the next Open in terms of where I know I need to be.

So this off season I have been through three cycles. Two with some strength focus and one with more of a conditioning focus. The next cycle is another conditioning one.

One of the goals is to get my Snatch back up to 111kg before the next Open or a triple at 100kg. Any of those two I would gladly take. During the Open I struggled with even Snatching 83kg and yesterday I did an easy triple tng at 90kg. I would say that stuff are going forward.

My main problem is that my hip do not like high volume squatting especially with high intensity (shit sherlock that was surprising) so I’ve tried to come up with an alternative plan into getting stronger without going heavy so often.

Along the way I tried to use the Back Squat at moderate weights but too often I got too sore in my hip so I had to change the plan.

This is the plan for lower body.


Snatch variation 1-3 x 8-10sets, started at 50%, adding 1% per week. Up at 73% as of current. This is 23 weeks of tech work. You can not imagine how hard this has been! Going submax for this long. That is six months of tech work! More than 1500 reps of easy reps. Maybe 2000…

Clean 2 x 6sets, at 125% of Snatch

Back Squat at Clean weight + chains x 5 x 5sets


Snatch pull variation 90%-105 of Snatch x 2-5 reps x 5sets

Bulgarian split squats: 6-10 reps @ just going with the flow for 3-5 sets

If the hip feels for it I add some lunges in walking or reverse format.


Snatch variation 1-3 x 8-10 sets, started at 50%, adding 1% per week. Up at 73% as of current.

Clean 2 x 6sets, at 125% of todays Snatch

Half Squats 5 x 5sets of 140% of todays Clean weight

Of course I do a lot more but this in the nutshell is what seems to work for me. I do press/pull mon/wed/sat and conditioning on the very same days. I do a lot of odd object conditioning as accessory to the lower body days.

This setup seem to have worked pretty nicely. This week so far I have got 3x90kg Snatch, 3x155kg Back Squat, 2x125kg Power Clean (actually an all time PR), 2x130kg close grip bench press and last week I shoulder pressed 96,5kg. If I just can keep my bodyweight closer to 90kg and continue to increase strength wise I think the upcoming season might be interesting.






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